When booking, we need to make a deposit?

Usually for local tours we ask for a deposit of $ 20 dollars to guarantee service.
The deposit is fully refundable if canceled if 48hs. before the visit.
At the time of repayment 4% from the deposited amount due to bank charges are deducted.
For Washington, Boston, Niagara and Cruises, please refer to the deposited amount.

We can pay for excursions and services in foreign currency?

Only in dollars or euros. If it is in euros, it will use the official rate plus 8%



We can pay by credit card?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. (There is a 4% charge)

All prices include taxes excursions?

Yes, all our prices are final including taxes.

 I have to tip the guide?

Not necessarily, but if you desire.

The tours are in Spanish?

Yes, all of our tours and services are in Spanish.

It is better to make contrasts on Saturday or any day does not matter?

The tour is done on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, but can also organize other days.
Concerning that if Saturday is better, is not it, no matter any day.
The only difference is the attire of Orthodox - Hassidic to celebrate Shabbat. But they are more orthodox in the streets on weekdays.

We can lower the vehicle for photos and walks?

Always we include stops for photos and walks with explanations on all our trips.

Of how many people are the groups?

We try to compact the groups to customize services can range from 11 to 25 passengers.
Sometimes in high season and we can work with larger groups.
But the route and stops with explanations of the guides will be the same regardless of the number of participants.

We can book tours in private?

If they can do it in private. To this must book early and get to contribute.

Tours include meals and entrance fees to museums or stadiums?

Negative, does not include meals and entrance fees to museums or stadiums.

Observatories reserve tickets?

If both the Empire and for the Top of the Rock and soon for the new observatory in the World Trade Center.
Our tickets are on sale and the price can buy the guide on excursions.

Other excursions offer contrasts well?

All classic as Upper and Lower Manhattan, Panoramic Night, Sunday Harlem Gospel, Woodbury Commons Shopping Tour, Helicopter, Washington and Niagara Falls.
And the combination of these, such as Upper and Lower + Contrasts, we call New York Total.

Helicopters fly over Manhattan buildings? From where?

By a provision of the State Department, a helicopter can fly over buildings, but if they pass close by and the views are amazing.
DownTown depart from the heliport at Pier 6, near the Staten Island Ferry terminal.
Note: Our prices are final and include taxes and fees heliport.

the visit to the White House is included in Washington?

No, but if we stop for photos.

What documents need to travel to Niagara and what flight schedule?

Valid passport is required and if South American countries and some European countries appropriate visa.
This trip requires prepaid and once booked and confirmed, no change or return.
We tend to leave very early, around 5: 00hs and returned about 18hrs.
Les includes airport transfers, air tickets, reception in Buffalo, the tour at Niagara Canadian side trip on the Maid of the Mist (weather permitting), a lunch in a panoramic tower with views of waterfalls and transfers back.
Price may vary at time of booking.
Punctuality of flights depends on weather conditions.

The airline may cancel the flight due to bad weather and are not responsible for hotel expenses, food and so on, these expenses are borne by passengers. The will accommodate the next available flight.

They offer airport transfers?

Yes, we do it in private and should consult price.

Usually they have deals?

Yes, we usually post offers on the following link: OFFERS